Is your company benefiting from a comprehensive marketing strategy?

Is your company benefiting from a comprehensive marketing strategy?

A business is like a stool.... its success and stability rests on three legs: Operations, Finance, and Sales & Marketing. Most small to medium-sized business are solid when it comes to operations and finance. It is sales and marketing where they are on uncertain ground.

To grow and nurture your business, it is imperative to have a strategic, goal-driven marketing strategy in place.

Everbrave provides in-depth, professional expertise to businesses that do not have the luxury of dedicated marketing leadership in-house. Our proven approach provides measurable results.

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Your Business

Bringing marketing expertise in-house.

By assigning an Everbrave Marketing Advisor to your business, Everbrave provides your business with the vital knowledge and guidance of a dedicated external senior marketing advisor – without the need to hire a full-time, salaried employee.

Proven Experience

Everbrave Marketing Advisors have worked at the highest levels for some of Canada’s leading companies. They’ve been there and know their stuff.

Outside Expertise

Your Everbrave Marketing Advisor is your virtual Marketing Director – working to meet clearly defined goals: on a cost-effective contract basis.

Any Industry

Tactical marketing principles apply across all industries. Your Everbrave Marketing Advisor will tailor a marketing and brand strategy to your business.

A Full Team Behind You

As a client, you can tap into our full suite of creative services, professionally managed by your Everbrave Marketing Advisor.

Marketing To Support Sales

The ability to leverage marketing insights and strategies to empower your sales team sets the Everbrave approach apart.

Your marketing arm.

By working in close collaboration with your leadership team, your Everbrave Marketing Advisor is committed to gaining an in-depth understanding of your business. As your partner and advocate, your Advisor will help you build and implement your annual marketing plan – and see it through with a process that emphasizes goal-setting and continual improvement.

Free up resources.

Small to medium business face a conundrum. If you hire a senior marketing person, there is less money available for putting a plan into action. Yet, without an experienced person in place, how do you know where you should be investing your marketing dollars for maximum impact?

By working with an Everbrave Marketing Advisor, you get the professional advice you need – while freeing up resources to invest in tactics that will benefit your bottom line. You’ll also free team members who have been assigned marketing duties to focus on what they know and do best!

Structured for accountability.

Marketing isn’t magic. It is a science. It takes a high of degree knowledge and years of experience to develop the practical skills and insights to make decisions that will contribute to growth and success. Our Marketing Advisors provide process-driven, goal-oriented, result-focused program that ensures every dollar invested in marketing is truly a dollar invested in the growth of the business.

Research & Discovery

We start by conducting and audit of your business, competitors, processes, brand and marketing efforts and more.

Strategy & Planning

Your Marketing Advisor will set SMART goals and provide a Dynamic Marketing Plan™ (SWOT analysis, tactics, budget and timeline).

Measurement & Reporting

Every tactic must be measurable. We identify and track Key Performance Indicators and establish regular reporting.

Continual Review & Improvement

Ongoing review and evaluation allows us to deliver a Dynamic Marketing Plan that is flexible, adaptable and responsive.

Who is the Marketing Advisor Program for?

This program is ideally suited to Small and Medium business who:

  • Are committed to growing their established business or start-up that are driven to succeed and understand the value of marketing to their future growth story.
  • Are in need of annual recurring marketing focus to build their brand and win new business.
  • Are open to a blended, multichannel marketing approach.
  • Are committed to designating budgetary resources to brand and marketing efforts.

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