Everbrave Welcomes Scott Lawrence as Vice President of Digital

By: on January 30, 2018
Posted in: News

Everbrave is pleased to announce the appointment of Scott Lawrence as Vice President, Digital.

Scott’s passion for digital innovation first began in 1997 when he graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design with a degree in Design and Illustration. Looking ahead to the future he recognized the growing importance of websites, and the role design would play, so he made the decision to move to Vancouver and pursue further education in digital media. From there began his varied career as an information architect, web designer, creative director, marketing strategist, app developer, and even business owner.

Scott Lawrence

Throughout his career Scott has worked for such notable clients as Nike, AT&T, and Sony, winning several industry awards in the process. It’s this passion for exceptional digital design and user experiences that has brought him to Everbrave.

“My role is to help our clients to grow their business through digital means— helping them to evolve their business, and think differently about how to leverage technology,”

Everbrave is no stranger to leading the way in digital marketing with over twenty years of experience, and as one of only nine gold Hubspot agency partners in the country. Client success is imperative to the Everbrave experience and the addition of Scott to the team was an opportunity to further enable it.

“As Everbrave continues to grow, the demand for digital strategy is increasingly becoming a primary focus for our clients. It’s no longer good enough to merely have a digital presence. Our clients need to have a strong online strategy to increase engagement, delivering brand experiences in a more sophisticated way that truly differentiate themselves,” says Everbrave president Dan Bergeron, “Scott brings a wealth of experience to Everbrave ensuring that we’re bringing thoughtful, innovative, digital strategy to the table with every engagement. This is a big win for our clients.”

Outside of his unique perspectives on creating exceptional digital experiences, Scott also brings strong UX skills to help brands further understand their customer experience. In a world of infinite service options, standing out online isn’t just about how a website looks, but also how it’s experience is tailored to the client journey.

“Regardless of medium, platform, industry, or innovation, we know that our clients’ success is entirely dependent on their own customers’ success, and that’s what makes Everbrave different,” says Everbrave partner, and vice president of brand experience, Brianne Hamilton, “Scott brings an enthusiastic and entrepreneurial energy to the mix. His mastery of helping brands understand their customer experience, and then mapping that journey to produce high-performing strategic insights, is incredible.”

Also an ACAD alumni, Everbrave partner and creative director, Wilson Wong, looks forward to bringing even more strategic creativity to the team. The marriage between digital functionality and creative design is a delicate balance, one which Everbrave has worked hard to perfect over the years and that Scott will help further with his experience.

The ability to provide clients long-term success is the foundation that has enabled Everbrave to grow to where it’s at today, and for years to come. Looking for new ways to enable that success is what ultimately brought Scott to the growing team.

“Scott is a strong leader with entrepreneurial vision at the core of his DNA. He compliments our leadership team extremely well and will be instrumental in helping us to continue to work towards our vision of bravely building bold brands for organizations across the entire business spectrum, from small and medium business to enterprise,” says Dan.