Olde Tyme Harvest for Hunger

When you’re approached with a great idea, you listen. When the idea is for a humanitarian cause, you act. Everbrave is proud to be a gold sponsor of the 2013 Olde Tyme Harvest for Hunger – an event to raise funds (and grain) for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. The catch? All harvesting efforts were to be done with antiquated methods and equipment (some not used in over 100 years) in an attempt to break a world record at the same time.

Everbrave was tasked with branding the event and creating communications collateral that stayed true to the roots of what it was all about. The result was a bold, yet down-to-earth identity that resonated strongly within the agricultural community. The event success was measured via the website, spiking to more than 15,000 page views/month leading up to the event, and proven when the world record was ultimately shattered at this great cause.