Branding for Human Capital

By: on December 9, 2007
Posted in: Brand Positioning

For decades Marketers have recognized the benefits of branding when trying to create demand for products or services. Today, recruiters are beginning to rely on the same principles to attract the brightest and the best in human capital.

In an industry where people account for a big part of a company’s competitive advantage, Hudson & Company Chartered Accountants is looking for new ways to attract the best. Despite being recognized as a 2007 Best Places to Work employer by Calgary Inc, the growing firm is exploring new avenues in its quest for hiring the finest stock of tomorrow’s accounting professionals. With current tactical HR efforts in full swing, they’ve asked RFX to help create a brand message and profile that resonate with its target, add leverage to their activities, and infuse appeal to their offering.

Beyond re-examining and re-crafting its brand character and identity, RFX is tasked with enhancing their online presence. Further development and integration of other brand touch points will follow suit. RFX’s proprietary set of brand management and alignment tools, such as BrandMatrix™ and BrandFolio™, was an added bonus to the relationship and, in Hudson’s view, one of the compelling factors in its selection of RFX over other local firms.

Established in 1973, Hudson & Company employs over 75 people and offers a full range of professional financial services, including accounting, auditing, corporate & personal tax planning, business valuations, and business management advisory services.