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A Few Websites by RFX

Posted in: Interactive Branding

We have been asked on several occasions to provide a list of websites we have developed recently, and since we are part-way through the development of our new website design, I thought we would add a quick post to our […]

Apples vs. Oranges

Posted in: Brand ExperienceBrand Positioning

As my wife and I were sitting down to enjoy our weekly dose of the brash yet philanthropic TV Doctor “House”, I noticed an interesting commercial. Now, there are many big brand B2C commercials that run during primetime that have […]

Branding for Human Capital

Posted in: Brand Positioning

For decades Marketers have recognized the benefits of branding when trying to create demand for products or services. Today, recruiters are beginning to rely on the same principles to attract the brightest and the best in human capital. In an […]